Joshua Dixon Preschool is dedicated to children and families as they strive to achieve their full potential.

Through comprehensive, innovative and inclusive programs, we will endeavor to meet the needs of all children who are at risk or disabled. We will provide meaningful learning environments that promote exploration, discovery and problem solving.

We will create opportunities for life long learning for children, families, staff and community through cooperation and mutual respect.

We believe in the potential for each child to succeed.

We believe that children, families and the community deserve exemplary services.

We believe educational opportunities that promote life long learning for staff, families and the community are essential.

Joshua Dixon Preschool provides comprehensive services to children from ages 3-5 (special education) and ages 4-5 (regular education). Services include education, health, nutrition, parent involvement, and assessment. This is our only preschool site serving 12 children. The selection of developmentally appropriate materials, equipment and resources is done to meet intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs. All educational programs are available without regard to race, creed, color, handicapping condition, sex or intellectual abilities.